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Future Mobile Computing : research report

Bijsmans, Jeroen


Keyword(s): mobile computing; e.messaging concepts; mobile devices; mobile appliances; mobile e-services

Abstract: Two main trends of development in the mobile computing area can be characterised by the development to enhance communications by mobile network computers and how manufacturers add more and more functionality to small mobile computers. Mobile network computers have a continuous connection with a main system to use the server's capabilities to become less expensive and with fewer parts, moving parts more reliable. Some manufactures of mobile computers are adding functionality to mobile computers to make them more appealing to consumers, but most of all more complex. Needs and expectations of wireless mobile users are actually about easy to use, simple products. These two trends have been chosen to investigate possible products. By selecting sales executives as a key user group of the mobile market it was possible to investigate potential mobile clients with limited functionality. A mobile email device was selected as a potential device to access email on a server. Two concepts are the result of the investigation for e.messaging devices: 1. A read-only e.messaging device that allows sales executives to be aware of timely important messages. This device is called the e.me pager. 2. A read and write e.messaging device that allow sales executives to synchronize with other people who aren't at that place at that time. The name for this solution is e.me tablet. Subjects have evaluated the two concepts during concept testing. As a result it became clear that many subjects had no need for an e.me pager, because it is already possible on mobile phone. Carrying a second device to read their messages better was not appealing. The e.me tablet was found appropriate for subjects because it allowed them to make and receive messages when mobile. But because of the shape of the device subjects expect that it has organiser functionality. To become an actual product the e.me tablet has to be developed so that it communicates to users what his functionality is and so that it is more tactile in use.

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