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Understanding the Challenges Faced During the Management of Data Mining Models

Jain, Jhilmil; Ari, Ismail; Li, Jun
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): data mining models, model lifecycle, challenges

Abstract: While the IT industry is moving forward with service- based solutions, they have left behind critical processes and soft IT assets unmanaged, especially at the intersection of business processes with Business Intelligence (BI). In this paper, we describe the challenges faced by statisticians and business analysts while managing data mining model assets of an organization that support business processes in making real-time decisions and forecasts.

2 Pages

Additional Publication Information: Submitted to CHIMIT 2009, San Diego, CA

External Posting Date: September 21, 2008 [Abstract Only]. Approved for External Publication - External Copyright Consideration
Internal Posting Date: September 21, 2008 [Fulltext]

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