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A Model-based Approach to Service-Oriented Computing

Pruyne, Jim; Singhal, Sharad
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): Web Services, Middleware, Service Oriented Computing, Model-Driven Architecture

Abstract: Web Services are the current best practice for developing distributed software and integrating disparate components across the Internet or within an enterprise. In this approach, services are characterized by their interface-what they can do, and their location-how they are accessed. We augment these characterizations with a service model-a definition of the state that a service exposes to the environment. The use of service models provides an attractive framework for describing services and leads to more structured service definitions, which in turn facilitates easier integration. Service models also provide a unique method for performing inter-service communication which is robust and resilient to failure because of its ability to guarantee consistency between run-time interchanges and the service model definition. We have prototyped the model-based system and validated the approach with both new and imported service definitions demonstrating the expressiveness and flexibility of the approach.

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External Posting Date: October 29, 2008 [Fulltext]. Approved for External Publication
Internal Posting Date: October 29, 2008 [Fulltext]

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