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Perceptual Segmentation: Combining Image Segmentation with Object Tagging

Bergman, Ruth; Nachlieli, Hila; Ruckenstein, Gitit; Shaw, Mark; Bhaskar, Ranjit
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): object detection, image tagging, skin detection, sky detection, foliage detection

Abstract: Most consumers do not want to edit their images, either because they do not have the time, or they do not have the know how. They do want to be able to press a button that will magically make the objects captured in their photo look better. At the heart of enabling such functionality, lay image analysis models. The more we know about the objects in the photo, the better we can enhance and modify it according to human preferences. We present a necessary piece of this puzzle, breaking the image into significant segments and finding important perceptual objects including skin, sky, snow and foliage.

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External Posting Date: October 29, 2008 [Fulltext]. Approved for External Publication
Internal Posting Date: October 29, 2008 [Fulltext]

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