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Novel Materials for Multi-Wavelength Optical Recording

Gore, Makarand P.; Weirauch, Charles; Brynjolffssen, Jitka; Lione, Richard
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): Bule Ray, Optical Storage, Dye

Abstract: The paper describes novel combination of two materials: an absorber to capture energy in one wavelength band of the electromagnetic spectrum, and a contrast agent to cause changes at same or another wavelength band. Materials that produce color-change upon stimulation with light are of great interest due to their applications in optical media and imaging. These contrast changes are tunable to desired read and write wave lengths: for example, blue laser writing combined with red laser reading. We have successfully created discs that can be written with a 405nm blue laser in the format of commercial 650nm red laser discs. The technology has significant potential to develop blue laser only discs and drives, and to develop secure discs for the Media-On-Demand markets. The future for this technology is to become the pervasive industry solution for low-cost writable dye for high density recording. The dyes we have developed not only switch colors, but also alter the electromagnetic behaviors, such as conductivity and optical constants at a molecular level. Therefore many applications using these effects are possible. The Chemistry and Physics of the dye marking is the subject of this article.

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