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Fatty Acid Based Alkaline Deinking of Digital and Non-Digital Prints

Bhattacharyya, Manoj K; Ng, Hou T.; Mittelstadt, Laurie
HP Laboratories


Abstract: A fatty acid based alkaline deinking chemistry is presented and is shown to be suitable for various digital and non-digital printed materials. In particular, the effect of different fatty acids is investigated in detail and also specificities involved with larger LEP ink particles and foam requirements are analyzed. The influence of chemicals used in paper manufacturing on sustainable froth foaming is presented and a possible solution is also discussed. Finally TGA analysis of flotation reject is presented and actual fiber loss is determined.

5 Pages

External Posting Date: July 6, 2011 [Abstract]. Approved for External Publication - External Copyright Consideration
Internal Posting Date: July 6, 2011 [Fulltext]

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