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Secure Document Engineering

Balinsky, Helen; Simske, Steven
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): Security, Publicly Posted Composite Document, Access Control, Identity Based Encryption

Abstract: With the boom in interactive and composite documents and the increased coupling between the on-line and physical worlds, the need for secure document engineering is greater than ever. Four important factors contribute to the need to re-engineer document lifecycles and the associated workflows. The first is the rapid increase in mobile access to documents. The second is the movement of documents from private directories, shared directories and intranets to the cloud. The third is the increased generation of - and expectation for - document content, context and use analytics. Finally, the proliferation of social website applications and services over the past half-decade have created for many a constant state of login. Each of these trends creates a significantly increased .attack surface. for individuals, organizations and governments interested in breaching the privacy and security of web users. Combined, these transformations create as big a change to content security as that of the browser in the 1990s. In this workshop, we consider the impact of these ongoing transformations in document creation and interaction, and consider what the best approaches will be to provide privacy and security in light of these transformations.

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External Posting Date: September 29, 2011 [Abstract]. Approved for External Publication
Internal Posting Date: September 29, 2011 [Fulltext]

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