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Adaptation of Roll-to-Roll Imprint Lithography: From Flexible Electronics to Structural Templates

Holland, Edward R.; Jeans, Albert; Mei, Ping; Taussig, Carl P.; Elder, Richard E.; Bell, Cynthia; Howard, Emmett; Stowell, John
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): R2R, imprint, color filter, SAIL, Roll-to-roll, template

Abstract: HP has previously demonstrated the roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication of active-matrix display backplanes using the Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography (SAIL) process. This approach permits a single imprint step to create a multi level mask comprising all patterns required for subsequent etching steps, obviating the need for multiple alignment steps. In this paper the imprint lithography technique and aspects of SAIL are reviewed. New work using imprint processing to generate structural templates, with aspect ratios approaching 6:1, for fluid containment will be presented. Arrays of transparent well structures, formed on a flexible transparent substrate provide the basis for a color display filter matrix that is filled by inkjet deposition of pigmented resins. A primary benefit of this approach is precise color pattern definition. A separation between primary color fields of 4 microns is realized without risk of color mixing or overlap. Components patterned with high absolute precision by imprint lithography were readily integrated with parts from other sources to yield flexible color reflective display demonstrator panels. This work highlights the flexibility of imprint processing and its suitability for use with a wide variety of materials and in differing applications.

12 Pages

Additional Publication Information: To be published in Alternative Lithographic Technologies III, 15 April 2011, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol 7970. ISBN: 8780819485298.

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