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The top ten similarities between playing hockey and building a better Internet (extended version)

Arlitt, Martin
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): hockey; Internet; lessons learned

Abstract: Time tends to pass more quickly than we would like. Sometimes it is helpful to reflect on what you have accomplished, and to derive what you have learned from the experiences. These "lessons learned" may then be leveraged by yourself or others in the future. Occasionally, an external event will motivate this self reflection. For me, it was the 50th anniversary reunion of the St. Walburg Eagles, held in July 2011. The Eagles are a full-contact (ice) hockey team I played with between 1988 and 1996, while attending university. What would I tell my friends and former teammates that I had been doing for the past 15 years? After some thought, I realized that my time as an Eagle had prepared me for a research career, in ways I would never have imagined. This article shares some of these similarities, to motivate others to reflect on their own careers and achievements, and perhaps make proactive changes as a result.

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