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Methodology for Building Extraction Templates for Russian Language in Knowledge-Based IE Systems.

Solovyev, Valery; Ivanov, Vladimir; Gareev, Rinat; Serebryakov, Sergey; Vassilieva, Natalia
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): event extraction; dictionaries; rules; patterns; meaning-text model; Chomsky grammars

Abstract: In this technical report we describe methodology for building information extraction (IE) rules. Rules are usually developed by experts and are widely used in knowledge-based IE systems. They consist of two parts: the left-hand side (LHS) of a rule is a template that matches a certain syntactico-semantic structure (SSS) and the right-hand side is an action that is executed when LHS template is matched against a particular text fragment. In the report we describe the process of building a more complex LHS part (template). This methodology was used for developing the information extraction system that extracts business events from news articles written in Russian language.

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External Posting Date: October 6, 2012 [Fulltext]. Approved for External Publication
Internal Posting Date: October 6, 2012 [Fulltext]

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