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Materials Compatibility Assessment via Temperature Controlled Contact Angle Measurements

Chun, Doris; Teishev, Albert; Ng, Hou T.; Hanson, Eric
HP Laboratories


Keyword(s): Materials compatibility assessment; polymer melt surface energy measurement; pigment surface reconstruction; contact angle

Abstract: Identifying materials with the right compatibility is an important prerequisite to many developmental practices that involve the assembly of different counterparts. For example, failure to identify the appropriate colorants and additives in ink development can lead to unstable formulations which often lead to poor image quality and poor print attributes. One of the approaches to obtain information that may indicate materials compatibility is through determining their surface energies via contact angle measurements. The extrapolation of the contact angles of reference liquids in contact with the materials of interest can be calculated using models such as Young, Zisman, Fowkes, Wu, Owen-Wendt- Rabel- Kaelble, and Schultz to determine the surface free energies [1]. Although these theoretical models can provide a quantitative analysis of the nature of a particular surface, they determine surface energies based on the materials interfacial energies with the test liquids and on the assumptions that materials of interest are unique in nature. For example, the Schultz model is particularly suitable for high-energy solid surfaces; while Wu, Fowkes and Owen-Wendt-Rabel-Kaelble models are more suitable for materials which exhibit both dispersive and polar characteristics. Even though these models are useful in providing information regarding the surface energy of materials, they cannot provide any direct indication of the surface interactions between two materials having temperature-dependent properties.

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