Generic Crash-Resilient Storage for Indigo and Beyond


Abstract: Computer crashes threaten application data integrity. The threat is particularly acute for expensive industrial equipment such as high-volume printing presses, whose stringent uptime requirements demand both high performance during normal operation and rapid recovery following crashes. We have designed and implemented a novel general-purpose persistent memory buffer that protects application data from crashes and is easy to integrate into existing software. Our solution slid with remarkable ease beneath the mature, complex, highly tuned software that controls HP Indigo printing presses, reducing recovery times from days to minutes while adding negligible overhead to failure- free operation. The new system has been in successful production use at dozens of beta test sites for several months and will eventually ship with all new Indigo presses. Our novel crash resilience strategy is not specific to Indigo presses and is likely applicable in a wide range of HP products, so we have developed a portable implementation that is available upon request.

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  • External Posting Date: November 6, 2013 [Fulltext]. Approved for External Publication
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