Migrating SimCloud to HP Helion


Abstract: This is our submission to HP Helion Tech Champs Contest. SimCloud is a Simulation as a Service (SaaS) created by HP Labs/Print and Content Delivery Lab driven by the need from PPS/Graphics business for a recommendation tool that can quantitatively differentiate amongst different equipment configuration for commercial and industrial printing factories - a key growth area for HP's printing business for both hardware and consumables. As an always-on cloud service running inside HP Labs' private cloud, SimCloud has helped to standardize the designs of both hardware configuration and workflow through HP's solution architects worldwide. The migration journey of SimCloud to HP Cloud Service was triggered at the end of last year when a customer put forward a request to HP/Indigo senior management for SimCloud access which required to bring SimCloud from behind the firewall to a public cloud platform. Significant research and learning has gained by the team during the process of migrating the architecture and code-base into HPCS OpenStack (v12.12), and by May of this year, HP Helion (v13.5). Today SimCloud has been successfully running on Helion for over a month. In this technical report we describe Simcloud's migration journey. While we are telling a SimCloud's story, our experiences should resonate with many cloud computing professionals who are contemplating to embark on their own HP Helion journey.

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  • External Posting Date: August 6, 2014 [Fulltext]. Approved for External Publication
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