FOEDUS: OLTP Engine for a Thousand Cores and NVRAM


Abstract: Server hardware is about to drastically change. As typified by emerging hardware such as UC Berkeley's Firebox project and by Intel's Rack-Scale Architecture (RSA), next generation servers will have \emph{thousands of cores}, \emph{large DRAM}, and \emph{huge NVRAM}. We analyze the characteristics of these machines and find that no existing database is appropriate. Hence, we are developing \texttt{FOEDUS}, an open-source, from-scratch database engine whose architecture is drastically different from traditional databases. It extends in-memory database technologies to further scale up and also allows transactions to efficiently manipulate data pages in both DRAM and NVRAM. We evaluate the performance of FOEDUS in a large NUMA machine (16 sockets and 240 physical cores) and find that FOEDUS achieves multiple orders of magnitude higher TPC-C throughput compared to H-Store with anti-caching.

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