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Magnetization Fluctuations and Characteristic Lengths for Sputtered CoP/Cr Thin Film Media

Tarnopolsky, Giora J.; Tran, Lung T.; Bertram, H. Neal



Abstract: Magnetization fluctuations of uniformly magnetized media have been measured in sputtered CoP thin films as a function of Cr underlayer thickness. Increasing underlayer thickness from 20nm to 400 nm yields decreasing magnetization fluctuation noise from 210 nm to about 25 nm , similar to the known decrease of transition noise. For every disk but one, the noise power dependance on magnetization is well fit by the square of the magnetization vs. current loop derivative, (dM/dI)(2). Thus, the noise mechanism appears to follow a modulation process independent of noise level. Analysis of measured magnetization noise spectra yields approximate correlation lengths which decrease with increasing Cr underlayer thickness.

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