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Coherent FMCW Reflectometry Using a Temperature Tuned ND:YAG Ring Laser

Sorin, Wayne V.; Donald, D.K.; Newton, Steve A.; Nazarathy, Moshe



Abstract: It will be useful for Lisp users to have an interface package written in Lisp, which they can use to retrieve information from or make an update to Iris databases. An implementation of Lisp language interface to Iris (Iris/LLI) has been done using HP Commonlisp II and Iris Version DPP 3.0. The Iris/LLI consists of two parts: function calls though the Iris Kernel interface and OSQL calls through the Iris/CLI interface. The Iris/ CLI interface is built upon the Iris/CLI. The current implementation of Iris/OSQL, and accordingly CLI, returns no value as a result of a function call. To overcome this shortcoming, we implemented a function call interface at a lower level, i.e., upon the Iris Kernel interface. These two parts were developed independently and merged together.

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