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Resistive Loss at 10 GHz in c-Axis Aligned in situ Grown YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7) Films

Laderman, S.S.; Jacowitz, R.D.; Taber, R.C.; Moll, J.L.; Eom, C.B.; Hylton, T.L.; Marshall, Alan F.; Geballe, T.H.; Beasley, M.R.



Abstract: The selection of the software development tool for the development of an expert system is a difficult decision. This report describes a comparison of the knowledge engineering tool KEE and the general purpose language Prolog on a concrete and real life example from the AGATHA electronic circuit board diagnosis expert system. KEE is a big tool that supports a frame-based knowledge representation, an object- oriented programming style and a built in rule system.

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