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Unusual Properties of Photoluminescence from Partial Ordered GaInP

Fouquet, Julie E.; Robbins, V. M.; Rosner, S. Jeff; Blum, O.



Abstract: GaInP grown lattice-matched to GaAs by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) displayed a significant dependence of emitted photon energy on growth temperature over the 630 to 775 deg C range studied. Domains of varying degrees of column III sublattice ordering were detected by transmission electron microscopy. Continuous wave photoluminescence spectra were single-peaked and relatively narrow, but the peak wavelengths from samples grown at low (630 - 670 deg C) temperatures varied strongly with excitation density at low measurement temperatures. In contrast, peak wavelength did not vary for high (775 deg C) temperature growth. The halfwidth was 6.5 meV in this case, the narrowest reported from MOCVD-grown GaInP. Time-resolved photoluminescence of partially-ordered GaInP at liquid helium temperatures is reported for the first time. For samples grown at low temperatures, the spectral peak displayed a slow (t > 1 usec) decay at low excitation density. The decay was more rapid (t = 1.8 nsec) at higher excitations and at higher photon emission energies. Possible explanations discussed are either spatial separation by type II band offsets or charge modulation of the band structure, or trapping at defects.

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