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Continously-Graded GRN-SCH MQW Ridge Waveguide Lasers Grown by OMVPE and Operating at 1.3 Microns

Ludowise, Michael J.; Ranganath, T.R.; Fischer-Colbrie, A.



Abstract: Continuously graded index separate confinement (C-GRIN-SCH) (4 wells, L(z) approx. 50 Angstroms) heterostructure multiple quantum well (MQW) lasers fabricated in the Ga(1-x)In(x)As(1-y)P(y)/InP system with lattice matched quaternary wells (bulk emission wavelength Lambda sub g=1.39 Microns) and barriers Lambda (g)=1.2 Microns) are reported. A 5 Micron wide ridge waveguide laser operates with laser threshold current I (th)=34 mA at room temperature (Lambda approx. 1286 nm) with an external differential quantum efficiency of approx. 19 percent per facet and a temperature coefficient T(o) approx. 40K. Large-area threshold current density is measured as at 1.1 kA/cm ^2 on a 40 x 300 Micron ^2 device.

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