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An Emacs-based Software Object Editor

Garg, Pankaj K.; Young, Doug; Ambras, Jim



Abstract: We describe the mechanisms employed to build an Emacs-based editing and browsing interface for an object-oriented, rule-based, team software development environment (SDE). Elements of software objects, i.e., slots and values, are considered as independent sections of the editor buffer. This provides us with the ability to have different facets (such as color, visibility, and mode) for different elements of an object displayed in the same buffer. A categorization of object elements leads to powerful ways of user customization of the editor display. Organizing groups of objects as VISTAs provides a capability similar to database views. Interface to the SDE and the user-interface supported by the editor are also described in this paper. We argue that the resulting editor overcomes several shortcomings of syntax-directed editors, and language-sensitive editors.

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