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Database Research at HP Labs

Neimat, Marie-Anne; Shan, Ming-Chien



Abstract: This report describes the research of the Database Technology Department of HP Labs, Palo Alto. It first describes the highlights of the Iris object-oriented database system whose goal was the productive application development and use of database systems. It then describes the current database research efforts in heterogeneous database integration. Two aspects of integration are being addressed. The first is the integration of autonomous database systems. The second is the integration of highly-tuned and customized data managers where autonomy is no longer the primary requirement, but rather preserving the performance of the integrated system. The Pegasusproject addresses the integration of heterogeneous databases while preserving their requirements for autonmy. The Papyrus project addresses the integration of customized data managers while preserving their requirements for performance. The Perseus project is focused on the presentation and browsing of heterogeneous data.

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