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A Review of ECMA PCTE According to the ECMA Reference Model for CASE Environments

Earl, Anthony



Abstract: We present a review of ECMA PCTE (ECMA Standard 149) according to the structure and terms of the reference model for frameworks of computer assisted software engineering environments. The reference model has been accepted as ECMA Technical report 55 (and is also availavble as HPL-90-59). This is a relatively detailed review which contains all the ECMA PCTE operations. Although ECMA PCTE is very much the specification of an interface, it does not make some choices in the internal dimension. ECMA PCTE does not address backup services, tools, task services, user interface services, query services, event monitoring, nor role management. ECMA PCTE has greater coverage in the data repository services and data integration services than in other parts of the reference model.

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