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Accurate, Automated Measurement of Differential Group Delay Dispersion Using Jones Matrix Eigenanalysis

Heffner, Brian L.



Abstract: Polarization mode dispersion, which can limit the bandwidth of optical transmission links, can be described by a wavelength-dependent differential group delay (DGD) and DGD dispersion (DGDD), the wavelength derivative of DGD. For the first time, a technique capable of precise DGDD measurement is presented and its accuracy is demonstrated. A fast, automated system using a tunable laser and an accurate, real-time polarimeter is used to measure DGD and DGDD by eigenanalysis of Jones matrices measured at a series of discrete wavelengths. Measurements at 2-nm intervals of a device whose DGDD is a known function of wavelength yield values of DGDD which differ from theory by less than 13 fs/nm.

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