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DataMesh Architecture 1.0

Chao, Chia; Wilkes, John; Jacobson, David; Sears, Bart; English, Robert M.; Stepanov, Alexander A.



Abstract: DataMesh is a storage architecture designed for parallel operation. This document describes the first version of the DataMesh architecture _ that intended to provide a flexible, scalable, parallel block service. The DataMesh architecture defines a set of components that can execute on one or more processing and storage nodes, together with a data model that allows for high performance, reliability, and recovery. The components are designed to balance the load across different components of the same type and to take centralized action only when the operations themselves require it. The data model attaches tags to data and expresses most low-level operations through the selection and manipulation of tags. The primary contributions of this architecture are the description of a system structure that can scale to take advantage of high degrees of physical parallelism; and a new model for associative indexing of data that provides considerable expressive power through a simple, straightforward model that is also fairly easy to implement efficiently.

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