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Fast Processing of OO Declarative Queries with Foreign Functions

Litwin, Witold; Risch, Tore



Abstract: Object-oriented (OO) DBMSs have created a demand for relationally complete declarative OO query languages with foreign function calls. Till now, run time performance of such languages was far behind that of procedural OO interfaces, one reason being the internal use of a relational engine. We address the processing of the declarative OO language WS-OSQL, provided by the prototype OO DBMS termed WS-IRIS . WS-OSQL queries are compiled into an OO extension of Datalog termed Objectlog is an intermediate language for cost based optimizations inspired by logic data languages, e.g. rule rewriting, and for optimizations specific to OO world, e.g. type checking, and overload resolution of foreign predicates. Further optimization is achieved through the use of large main memory, where the entire database resides for processing. The performance test using the EDB benchmark shows that WS-IRIS is about as fast as current OO DBMSs with procedural interfaces. The benchmark also shows that the system is much faster than relational systems and so any OO declarative query languages one could build on them.

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