HP Labs Technical Reports

Characterization and Use of EDFAs With the HP71400C Lightwave Signal Analyzer

Coles, Alistair N.; Cunningham, David G.; Miller, Chris



Abstract: Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers have developed to the state where they are on the verge of being employed in optical fiber transmission systems. These optical amplifiers are being considered as optical power amplifiers and in-line amplifiers in both digital communication systems, where they can replace regenerators, and in broadband video distribution systems, where they can increase the power margin and compensate for the splitting loss. This paper will review the characteristics and applications of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. Amplifier gain and noise measurements made with the HP71400C lightwave signal analyzer will be described. In addition, the use and application of an optical amplifier as a preamplifier to the lightwave signal analyzer will be discussed.

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