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100 Mb/s Data Transmission on UTP and STP Cabling for Demand Priority Networks

Coles, Alistair N.; Cunningham, David G.; Methley, Steven



Abstract: Recently there have been considerable advances towards higher speed (100Mb/s) workgroup LANs which support the existing UTP and STP structured cabling currently utilized by 10BASE-T and Token Ring LANs. This paper describes the transmission techniques used by an IEEE 802.12 Demand Priority network with UTP and STP structured cabling. The UTP transmission scheme supports category 3,4 and 5 UTP (i.e. voice-grade and data-grade) using a 5B6B block coded binary signaling scheme on four pairs. This binary signaling scheme is shown to provide better immunity against crosstalk and external (impulse) noise than multilevel signaling schemes. The STP scheme combines the strengths of the 5B6B block code with signaling technology similar to existing SDDI links.

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