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Mobile Multi-Media Communications - Major Research Areas

I'Anson, Colin; Tominga, H.; Wilkinson, Tim; Yabusaki, M.



Abstract: At the MoMuC-2 workshop over 70 papers were presented on the network and practical service aspects of mobile multi-media communications. They showed the importance of current and emerging areas of research in the field. Many, like the source coding challenges for voice, audio and video are apparent, but more obscure aspects of system design such as air interface issues were also considered. Papers were presented on the unique properties of spread spectrum in support of multi-media, and on adaptive antennae, adaptive equalisation, and linear radio techniques in their provision of high capacity and high integrity communications for multi-media. On the architecture side, the different approaches to applications on the campus or in the wide area were considered, where the optimal location of the mobility management and processing intelligence in the network was under question.

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