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Quantum Information Processing: Cryptography, Computation and Teleportation

Spiller, Timothy P. computation, teleportation, factorization



Abstract: This report has two purposes. Firstly, I give a reasonably introductory and up to date review of three aspects of quantum information processing. These are cryptography, computation and teleportation, in this context all usually prefixed with quantum. Cryptography utilizes states of individual quantum systems for the transfer of conventional classical bits of information and, in a sense, teleportation in its inverse, using classical bits to faithfully transfer a quantum state. Computation utilizes the evolving quantum state of a complex system, which consists of many interacting individuals. Secondly, the report contains an extensive list of references. I give some details of the current experimental achievements, proposals and prospects for the future and of the patents granted to date. The references should provide a decent springboard for readers who wish to dive into any aspects of the subject in more depth, or to indulge in background reading.

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