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Extending the Fusion Design Process for TMN Application Development

Jeremaes, Paul



Abstract: Fusion is an object-oriented development method that provides a framework of analysis and design models and processes to support the full software development lifecycle. It was designed as a generic object-oriented method in that it assumes a green field or clean slate development, working from a set of initial requirements through to implementation. In practice, text book developments are rare. There will typically be domain specific constraints placed on the development activity which influence the way the the system is developed and in some cases will require modifications to be made to the development process. In this paper we investigate extensions to the Fusion design process to support the development of TMN management applications. The Telecommunications Management Network (TMN) is an architecture for the management and control of telecommunication server provider networks. A set of international recommendations and standards define the TMN architecture and the function of certain elements in a telecommunication network. In what follows, we show how aspects of this architecture affect the way in which management applications are developed and result in additional phases of design being required.

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