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Integration of Transient S-Parameter Simulation into HPSPICE

Troyanovsky, Boris; Chang, Norman; Dowell, Dick



Abstract: Many modern RF/high-speed applications require the simulation of both active devices and high frequency passive distributed elements together. Such applications include wireless communications, high-speed workstations, and advanced system packages. However, the required simulation capabilities for designing such systems do not exist in HPSPICE, and are not conveniently satisfied by other SPICE tools currently on the market. We seek to bridge the gap between simulating active devices (which have internal HPSPICE models) and distributed passive elements characterized by measured S-parameters. We have developed an extension to the HPSPICE circuit simulator which allows transient analysis of circuits containing passive elements describe by S-parameter data. Such data may be measured directly with network analyzers such as the HP8510, or extracted from simulators such HP's MDS (Microwave Design System) of HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator). In this report, we provide an overview of the algorithms used in the simulator, and present practical application examples.

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