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Neidenoff's Noise Equivalent

Proudler, Graeme


Keyword(s): noise; low noise; noise figure; noisefactor; F number; noise equivalent

Abstract: This is an analysis of a claim [1] that the conventional'Noise Factor' is a flawed metric for the level of noise in anelectronic circuit and that an alternative definition is urgentlyrequired. This report concludes that, while it could be arguedthat the existing metric encourages misinterpretation of noisetheory, it is not actually wrong and is sufficient if it is properly understood and used. If there is indeed an actual flaw in theconventional 'Noise Factor', this author (gjp) has failed to comprehendit. However, Neidenoff's method does identify and isolate thecritical contributor to noise in circuits, and hence could arguablyimprove understanding of designing low noise circuits.

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