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Fast Inverse Motion Compensation Algorithms for MPEG-2 and for Partial DCT Information

Merhav, Neri; Bhaskaran, Vasudev


Keyword(s): video compression, MPEG, video browsing, compressed domain processing, motion vector MPEG-2

Abstract: In prior work, we developed a fast inverse motion compensation method that can be implemented directly on the DCT domain representation derived from the compressed bitstreams conforming to MPEG-1 or H.261 standards. That work was restricted to compressed-domain representation wherein the motion vectors have integer pel accuracy. Here, we extend this work to MPEG-2; this is a simple modification of our prior work to handle the subpixel accurate motion vectors. Here we also extend the prior work to speedup the inverse motion compensation process in the DCT domain by explicitly exploiting the sparseness of the DCT domain representation. Using partial DCT information we show that the DCT domain method has substantially lower complexity over the conventional spatial domain approach which requires decompression followed by inverse motion-compensation.

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