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A Combined Frequency and Time Based Channel Reuse Partitioning Multiple Access Technique for Indoor Wireless ATM Networks.

Farnham, Tim


Keyword(s): broadband; wireless; multi-service; medium access control

Abstract: This paper describes a multiple access technique suitable for indoor wireless ATM networks that exploits both frequency division and time division techniques for channel re-use (i.e. FDMA/TDMA). The novel feature of the proposed technique is that co- ordinated, prioritised TDMA is supported for clusters of Access Points (AP's) using measurement based time slot assignments. This has the advantage of easily supporting uneven load distributions and allowing rapid handover between AP's on the same frequency carrier. The proposed technique can also support bursty traffic efficiently by periodic time slot re- assignment, which is an important consideration for wireless ATM systems. Results are presented of the performance of the proposed technique and are compared with a conventional FDMA/TDMA strategy.

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