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Network Control as a Distributed Object Application

Oliver, Huw; Brandt, Soren; Thomas, Andrew; Charlton, Nathalie


Keyword(s): broadband network control; ATM; connection management; distributed processing environment; CORBA

Abstract: This investigation into Network Control as a Distributed Object Application was undertaken as part of the ACTS project ReTINA (AC048). The goal of ReTINA is to develop and demonstrate an industrial strength open distributed processing environment (DPE). This DPE will support distributed real-time multimedia applications over emerging broadband networks. In terms of technology, the project will deliver a CORBA- compliant distributed object-oriented DPE with real- time and quality of service management capabilities. We describe our experiences and performance figures from broadband (ATM) connection management using a distributed (CORBA based) control system. The control system described is the lowest layer of a general connection management architecture such as TINA or Xbind.

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