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Opacity-Weighted Color Interpolation for Volume Sampling

Wittenbrink, Craig M.; Malzbender, Tom; Goss, Michael E.


Keyword(s): volume rendering; ray tracing; compositing

Abstract: Volume rendering creates images from sampled volumetric data. The compute intensive nature of volume rendering has driven research in algorithm optimization. An important speed optimization is the use of preclassification and preshading. We demonstrate an artifact that results when interpolating from preclassified or preshaded colors and opacity values separately. This method is flawed, leading to visible artifacts. We present an improved technique, opacity-weighted color interpolation, evaluate the RMS error improvement, hardware and algorithm efficiency, and demonstrated improvements. We show analytically that opacity-weighted color interpolation exactly reproduces material based interpolation results for certain volume classifiers, with the efficiencies of preclassification. Our proposed technique may also have broad impact on opacity-texture-mapped polygon rendering.

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