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Digital Color Cameras - 1 - Response Models

Vora, Poorvi L.; Farrell, Joyce E.; Tietz, Jerome D.; Brainard, David H.


Keyword(s):digital cameras; CCD sensor models; APS models; color sensors

Abstract: This report describes and verifies response models for digital color cameras. We investigated two specific cameras, the Kodak DCS-200 and the Kodak DCS-420. For each camera, we measured the RGB camera responses for various combinations of source wavelength, source intensity, and camera exposure duration. We also measured the dark noise for each camera. We found that the DCS-200 is characterized by a linear intensity-response function, while the DCS-420 requires the addition of a static non-linearity. Our models may be used to process raw camera responses when intensity-calibrated sensor data are required. Possible applications include color balancing, demosaicing, and image restoration.

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