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Evaluating Content Management Techniques for Web Proxy Caches

Arlitt, Martin; Cherkasova, Ludmila; Dilley, John; Friedrich, Richard; Jin, Tai


Keyword(s): World-Wide Web; proxy caching; replacement policies; trace-driven simulation; virtual caches

Abstract: The continued growth of the World-Wide Web and the emergence of new end-user technologies such as cable modems necessitate the use of proxy caches to reduce latency, network traffic and Web server loads. Current Web proxy caches utilize simple replacement policies to determine which files to retain in the cache. We utilize a trace of client requests to a busy Web proxy in an ISP environment to evaluate the performance of several existing replacement policies and of two new, parameterless replacement policies that we introduce in this paper. Finally, we introduce Virtual Caches, an approach for improving the performance of the cache for multiple metrics simultaneously.

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