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Applications of Wavelet Analysis for Determining Glucose Concentration of Aqueous Solutions Using NIR Spectroscopy

McNulty, Christopher S.; Mauze, Ganapati


Keyword(s): wavelets, glucose, NIR spectroscopy; noninvasive; diabetes

Abstract: A method for predicting clinically relevant levels of glucose concentration in aqueous solutions from NIR absorbance spectra will be described. The method makes use of the discrete wavelet transform (DWT). The general concepts of the DWT will be briefly reviewed, with emphasis on the properties of the DWT that make it a suitable transform for the analysis of spectroscopic data. The wavelet analysis prediction method will then be described. Results obtained from applying this method to a set of spectra obtained from solutions with varying glucose and protein concentrations will be presented. These results will be compared with the results obtained from using partial least-squares regression (PLSR).

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