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Performance of Reed-Muller codes with OFDM and a maximum likelihood decoding algorithm

Jones, Alan E.; Wilkinson, Tim A.


Keyword(s): OFDM; Reed-Muller; ACI; golay complementary sequences

Abstract: The performance of OFDM with Reed-Muller encoding and a maximum likelihood decoding algorithm is presented. The example codes are shown to have a tightly bounded peak-to-mean envelope power ratio of at most 3.0dB, whilst simultaneously enabling good error correction. Using both experimental and simulated results the codes are shown to offer superior adjacent channel interference performance when compared to an OFDM system that exhibits the same peak-to-mean envelope power ratio as an uncoded system. We present a maximum likelihood decoder which makes use of a distance preserving map and multiple fast Hadamard transforms. Its operation is described in detail and its performance is assessed using a number of realistic channel conditions.

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