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Multi-Particle Entanglement Purification Protocols

Murao, M.; Plenio, M.B.; Popescu, Sandu; Vedral, V.; Knight, P.L.


Keyword(s): quantum mechanics; quantum information; quantum non- locality; entanglement

Abstract: Purification schemes for multi-particle entangled states cannot be treated as straightforward extensions of those for two particles because of the lack of symmetry they possess. We propose purification protocols for a wide range of mixed entangled states of many particles. These are useful for understanding entanglement, and will be of practical significance in multi-user cryptographic schemes or distributed quantum computation and communication. We show that operating locally on multi-particle entangled states directly is more efficient than relying on two- particle purification. Notes: M. Murao, M.B.Plenio, V.Vedral and P.L. Knight, Optics Section, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London, SW7 2BZ, UK

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