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HYbrid Monitoring and Networks Simulation - HYMNS

Crowcroft, Jon; Kouvelas, Isidor; Vicisano, Lorenzo


Keyword(s): hipparch; darpa; merci; hymn; network monitoring; NS6; network simulation

Abstract: This note is about some of the technical work that UCL CS people have done, partly Jon at HP's Internet Research Institute during the first quarter of 1998, but also previous work using NS under several projects, notably MERCI, HIPAPRCH and DARPA work. The work described is a series of separate efforts to add protocols to NS, and the design effort to enhance NS to provide interworking between real and simulated (actual and virtual) systems. Notes: Jon Crowcroft, Isidor Kouvelas & Lorenzo Vicisano, UCL, Gower St, London, WC1E 6BT, UK

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